High School Senior Portraits - What Are They?
Friday, July 20, 2018
High School Senior Portraits - What Are They?

Your son or daughter is about to start their senior year of high school. You keep hearing from other parents and resources about high school senior portraits. But what exactly is a high school senior portrait?  Different from the yearbook photo, which is typically a black drape for girls and tuxedo for guys, a senior portrait session should be unique, fun, and all about the personality of the senior. Many photography companies that are contracted by schools to take yearbook photos train their staff how to take photos. The backdrops used are standard for all high school seniors and the locations are limited to the offerings of that company. You'll want to hire a professional ...

Get In The Picture - Celebrate Mother's Day Every Day Through Photos
Friday, May 11, 2018
High School Senior Portraits - What Are They?

When was the last time you were in front of the camera with your kids instead of behind it? I'm a mom. I know there are so many times I would rather keep my sunglasses on and hide behind the lens. But what always strikes me are the comments from my daughters when they see a photo of me with them! They see our connection in a different way, it's a visual reminder of my love for them, and it makes time stand still. The photo below was taken during a family reunion on St. George Island. The photo is of the Ya-Ya's (the Turner girls) and the petite Ya-Ya's (their daughters and granddaughters) - there are so many stories in this image and so much family history. It's definitely one of ...

Windham {Druid Hills High School - Class of 2018}
Tuesday, May 08, 2018
High School Senior Portraits - What Are They?

Windham is heading to UGA this fall! He was also just named top scorer in DeKalb County for lacrosse! 

Will {The Paideia School - Class of 2018}
Monday, May 07, 2018
High School Senior Portraits - What Are They?

Will is headed to Florida State University this fall! I photographed Will for his special 5th grade graduation photo at Fernbank Elementary School. How exciting to be asked to follow up with his senior photos!  

2018 Druid Hills Tour of Homes & Gardens
Thursday, April 12, 2018
High School Senior Portraits - What Are They?

My family has lived in the Druid Hills neighborhood since 1949 and I'm the 4th generation to call Druid Hills home. When asked in 2006 to volunteer on the Druid Hills Tour of Homes & Gardens committee, I didn't hesitate to participate. Now, as a long-time sponsor of the tour, the journey has been full of meeting new friends, getting to know my community better, and improving our neighborhood. This year marks the 50th year of the Druid Hills Tour and the 80th Anniversary of the Druid Hills Civic Association (DHCA). There are 6 homes and 6 gardens on the tour, the premier of "Druid Hills: History Happens Here" documentary, and a chance to walk through two historic homes ...

Class of 2019 - Senior Portrait Sessions