High School Senior Portraits - What Are They?
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Friday, July 20, 2018
By Lisa Hill Photography
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Your son or daughter is about to start their senior year of high school. You keep hearing from other parents and resources about high school senior portraits. But what exactly is a high school senior portrait?


Different from the yearbook photo, which is typically a black drape for girls and tuxedo for guys, a senior portrait session should be unique, fun, and all about the personality of the senior. Many photography companies that are contracted by schools to take yearbook photos train their staff how to take photos. The backdrops used are standard for all high school seniors and the locations are limited to the offerings of that company.


You'll want to hire a professional photographer for the senior portrait session. By hiring a professional photographer you’re getting an experienced artist who understands lighting, posing, location selection, and spends time getting to know their subject. A senior portrait session is a time to shine the light on your senior and capture who they are at this significant time in their life. 


Did you know?


1. You do NOT have to schedule your high school senior portraits with the company that your school contracted for photos. Sure, get your yearbook photo taken with them. Then, schedule the memory and keepsake portraits with someone you trust.


2. Lisa Hill Photography does not charge extra fees for blemish removal, stray hair removal, or expect you to return proofs to avoid being charged for them. All proofs are viewed in an online gallery and your order session is scheduled in your home for your convenience. Print pricing includes fully retouched images.


3. Lisa Hill Photography goes to your favorite location, not the other way around.


4. Many of the photographers working for the big box studios are trained to take photos, not hired because of their photography skills.


5. You will be captivated during your portrait session when you hire Lisa Hill Photography. It's our goal to make ALL seniors look their absolute best and have FUN during their session!


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Lisa Hill Photography takes pride in creativity, individuality, and superior customer service.

Below are a few of the fun, spectacular and personalized senior portraits created by Lisa Hill Photography.

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